Earth Screensaver

Earth Screensaver 1.7

An Earth screensaver updated in real time

Earth Screensaver is a calming screensaver created for Mac users. View full description


  • Displays the Earth revolving in real time
  • Good amount of customization options


  • Graphics could be a bit better


Earth Screensaver is a calming screensaver created for Mac users.

There's something aesthetically soothing about seeing the Earth spin and observing the change from night to day. Earth Screensaver is for everyone who wants to see the world spinning on their desktop. Even better, you can also watch the change from day to night in real time.

Live Updated Earth Screensaver displays the Earth with the moon revolving around it during the night and the sun by day. After you run the installer, open System Preferences, click on Desktop & Screen Saver, and choose Earth Screensaver. By clicking the options, you can customize the time you want your new screensaver to display, select whether to use a default stars background, plus whether to show the time over the moon.

The graphics are a little basic, but overall this is a nice screensaver to add to your collection.

Earth Screensaver is a simple but aesthetically pleasing Earth based screensaver for your Mac.


  • Faster launching
  • Much smaller memory footprint
  • Higher FPS
  • (Optional) automatic update checks
  • Optimized for slower computers
  • More options
  • Error checking
Earth Screensaver


Earth Screensaver 1.7

User reviews about Earth Screensaver

  • zooglea

    by zooglea

    "Help: Do not install if you are using 10.7.3."

    I've installed it and it showed up under Apple's list of screen savers in the screensaver preference pane and it does...   More.